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Überall ringsum ist Tod...

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

"All Around Us is Death": Type-up of a Skype call to Gaza

All around us is death, death, no one is driving, in my life I have never seen anything lie this. I could not have imagined anything like this

The media can only cover 10 or 15 locations, but its everywhere, while you are sleeping the ground is shaking like in an earthquake.

everything has finished in the country..we have enough flour for 4 or 5 days.. others don't have any

you can wait 8 or 9 hours to get one bag of bread at the bakery.. when they do open

Gaza doesnt have anything in it, only death, that is the only thing that is left, any moment you await death, they started calling people , if they target your neighbors, a car passes by you, you are gone, its a war.

last time I left the house was last wednesday

sleep? no, sleep is impossible, my siblings stay awake to ask what happened. at times
some houses nearby have been hit, but none in our neighborhood yet.

the youngest brother (5) says he is not afraid... his sister says this is just a show.. he hasn't been sleeping at night or during day.

i hear attacks in the background

half of our neighborhood is funerals

we have forgotten what cooking gas is in ghaza, now we use kerosene to make tea and for lighting.

a bag of flour is 220NIS ($50), my brother waited 3-4 hours to get one bag of bread from the bakery; shops are closed

we had flour for 10 days when attacks happened, so we don't starve, can buy a few kilos of rice,

on radio Israeli army chief Ashkenazi said what happened the past days was nothing, what is coming is much harder

Israelis said Barak should enter gaza and not leave a stone on top of another.

death will reach everyone, you won't find a house where death has not entered in gaza

till now they have not killed hamas leaders, or military,

maybe this is the last time we talk, you may find us dead next time, it is likely in 5 minutes the electricity will cut.

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